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HongKong Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen Dongguan 中文
  Company Registration
  Accounting & Tax Services
  Company Management
  Work & Residence Permit
  Bank Account Opening
  Trademark Registration
 Bank Account Opening
  ◊ Open a bank account in China
  ◊ Open a bank account in HK
 Company Management
  ◊ Company Annual Return
  ◊ Company Information Alteration
  ◊ Company Deregistration
 Permit License
  ◊ Import & Export License
  ◊ Food Business license
 Financial Support
  ◊ China Fapiao Issue
  ◊ China VAT Refund
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Guidelines for Employment Certificate Application

Shall meet the following conditions:
1. 18 years of age or older and in good health;
2. With professional skills and job experience required for the work of intended employment;
3. With no criminal record;
4. A clearly-defined employer;
5. With valid passport other international travel document in lieu of the passport.

Documentations required:
1. The curriculum vitae of the foreigner to be employed;
2. The letter of intention for employment;
3. The report of reasons for employment;
4. The credentials of the foreigner required for the performance of the job;
5. The health certificate of the foreigner to be employed;
6. Other documents required by regulations.

Foreigners may be exempted from the Employment License and Employment permit when they meet any of the following conditions: 1. Foreign professional technical and managerial personnel employed directly by the Chinese government or those with senior technical titles or credentials of special skills recognized by their home or international technical authorities or professional associations to be employed by Chinese government organs and institutions and foreigners holding Foreign Expert Certificate issued by China's Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs;
2. Foreign workers with special skills who wok in offshore petroleum operations without the need to go ashore for employment and hold "Work Permit for Foreign Personnel Engaged in the Offshore petroleum Operations in the people's Republic of China";
3. Foreigners who conduct commercialized entertaining performance with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and hold "permit for Temporary Commercialized Performance"

How can Finerise Consulting Help you?
● Register a Wofe/RO./Joint Venture in Guangdong Province
● Accounting &Tax consulting service
● Apply work & residence permit for foreigners in Guangdong Province
● Help to rent a office in Guangdong Province


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