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HongKong Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen Dongguan 中文
  Company Registration
  Accounting & Tax Services
  Company Management
  Work & Residence Permit
  Bank Account Opening
  Trademark Registration
 Bank Account Opening
  ◊ Open a bank account in China
  ◊ Open a bank account in HK
 Company Management
  ◊ Company Annual Return
  ◊ Company Information Alteration
  ◊ Company Deregistration
 Permit License
  ◊ Import & Export License
  ◊ Food Business license
 Financial Support
  ◊ China Fapiao Issue
  ◊ China VAT Refund
Location: FEPB Enterprise Formation   ※ Guangzhou /Foshan /Nanhai /Shunde /Shenzhen /Dongguan... HK /UK /USA /BVI...

FEPB Enterprise Registration |Setup FEPB Enterprise In Guangdong

Introduction to FEPB

According to relevant laws and regulations, foreign enterprises, approved by the State Council and administrative authorities authorized by the State Council and engaged in production and business with the territory of China, shall register with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce or the local administrations for industry and commerce authorized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Foreign enterprises may start production and business only when their applications for registration have been examined and approved by administrative departments of registration and they are given Business Licenses of People Republic of China.

Foreign enterprises, who fail to be approved by the examination and approval authorities and whose applications for registration fail to be examined and approved by administrative departments of registration, may not be engaged in production and business within the territory of China.

Foreign enterprises shall apply for registration if they are engaged in the following production and business:
1.Exploration and exploitation of onshore and offshore oil and other mineral resources,
2.Contract projects for the construction and decoration of houses and civil engineering, or the installation of circuit pipelines and equipment,
3.Operation and management of foreign-invested enterprises by contracts or authorization,
4.Branches established in China by foreign banks, and
5. Other production and business permitted by the State.

When the foreign enterprises apply for registration, they shall submit the following documents or certificates:
1.Applications signed by the chairperson of the board of directors or general manager, and
2.Documents and certificates approved by the examination and approval authorities.
3.Contract for the production and business that foreign enterprises are engaged in (branches established in China by foreign banks are not subject to this item).
4.Legitimate certificate of operation for enterprises issued by the governments of the countries (regions) where the foreign enterprises are from,
5.Certificate of capital creditability of foreign enterprises,
6.Authorization letter issued by the China project person in-charge designated by the chairperson of the board of directors or the general manager of the foreign enterprises, his/her resume, and ID card, and
7.Other relevant documents

How can Finerise Consulting Help you in Guangdong(Guangzhou, Foshan, DongGuanz, Shenzhen)?

σ Company formation
σ Accounting &Tax consulting service
σ Company Annual return and alteration service.
σ Apply work & residence permit for chief rep or representatives
σ Help to rent a office
σ Register a representative office, Joint venture enterprise

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