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HongKong Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen Dongguan 中文
  Company Registration
  Accounting & Tax Services
  Company Management
  Work & Residence Permit
  Bank Account Opening
  Trademark Registration
 Bank Account Opening
  ◊ Open a bank account in China
  ◊ Open a bank account in HK
 Company Management
  ◊ Company Annual Return
  ◊ Company Information Alteration
  ◊ Company Deregistration
 Permit License
  ◊ Import & Export License
  ◊ Food Business license
 Financial Support
  ◊ China Fapiao Issue
  ◊ China VAT Refund
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Accounting Service |Tax Agency

China has its own standards on accounts and finance . Chinese Accounting Standards(the CAS) is considered to be far superior to the International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRS) that western countries follow.

Our dedicated staff in China seeks to add value by working closely with your company and offering quality management accounting information combined with Accounting & Bookkeeping services required the laws and regulations in China.

We strive to keep your business’s accounting practices in conformity with the rapidly evolving accounting systems, letting you concentrate on your company’s business techniques.

Difference features between the CAS and the IFRS.

Accounting year starts from January 1st and ends December 31st.
The base and record currency of bookkeeping and financial statements is RMB (Renminbi).
Charts of accounts must abide by" accounting system for business enterprises" in China.
Chinese is the sole officially recognized language for financial reporting and bookkeeping.
China accounting software must meet the local market standards.
All invoices for bookkeeping must be the official and authentic invoice (“Fapiao” in Chinese).
Corporate income tax and turnover tax filing should report monthly.

How can we help you?

σ Accounting system set-up
σ Annual audit assistance
σ Bookkeeping services
σ Filing and submission of monthly and quarterly financial statement
σ Finance Consulting
σ Maintenance of cash book
σ Management of Bank Account Services
σ Monthly individual income tax filing
σ Monthly VAT filing (Including calculation of tax burden)
σ Purchase blank VAT Fapiao
σ Tax Declaration
σ China Fapiao Issue and management services
σ China VAT Refund
σ China Social Insurance

Guangzhou office:27A,21/F.,Zhongqiao Building,Xianlie Road M.,,Guangzhou,GuangDong,China   Tel:86-020-87323100 (24 hour hot line)
Foshan office:Flat 4029-4030,40/F.,Baihua Plaza,33 Zumiao Road, Chancheng District,Foshan City,Guangzhou,GuangDong,China    Tel:86-757-83122090(24 hour hot line)
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